P&J Friendship Festival Executive Committee Supported by Embassy of Pakistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Taito City, Ueno Tourism Federation.


Pakistan and Japan have maintained friendly relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1952. Over the years, the two countries have cooperated on a range of issues including economic development, trade, education, science and technology, and cultural exchange.

One significant aspect of the Pakistan-Japan relationship is economic cooperation. Japan has been a major donor of development assistance to Pakistan, with a focus on areas such as infrastructure, energy, health, and education. Japanese companies have also invested in Pakistan, particularly in the automobile, electronics, and energy sectors.

Cultural exchange is also an important aspect of the relationship between Pakistan and Japan. The two countries have established cultural centers and hold various events to promote cultural understanding and friendship. There is a growing interest among Pakistanis in Japanese language, culture, and technology, and vice versa.

Overall, the Pakistan-Japan friendship is based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to promoting regional stability and prosperity. The two countries continue to work together on various initiatives to strengthen their relationship for mutual benefit.